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Turner Classic Movies (TCM) announced Wednesday that it was entering into a strategic partnership with Disney Parks and Resorts which would include (among other things) taking over sponsorship of The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The announcement of this new sponsorship was met with plenty of enthusiasm, and could give this aging attraction just the lift it needs as Disney’s Hollywood Studios looks to the future. Here are four changes that will be coming to the ride in the very near future as part of the sponsorship deal, and one rumored change that we REALLY hope comes to fruition.  

1. TCM signage and branding will be displayed prominently throughout the ride 

The first change coming to The Great Movie Ride as a result of the new TCM sponsorship deal is a fairly obvious one and involves signage. As part of the sponsorship deal, TCM logos and branding will be integrated into the Great Movie Ride’s signage, both outside the attraction and inside the queue.  This certainly isn’t a big change, but don’t be surprised if new signage appears fairly quickly at the attraction, perhaps even in the next few weeks. 

2. A new TCM video replaces the movie trailer pre-show

Historically, after guests waiting for this attraction have shuffled through the outdoor queue and the first few rooms of the indoor queue, they’ve been ushered into a room full of switchbacks with a giant movie screen right at its front showing looping trailers of classic films like Fantasia, Footlight Parade and Alien. However, in the coming weeks these looping trailers will be replaced by a TCM pre-show that features TCM personality Robert Osborne introducing the movies guests will experience while on the ride.

3. The film montage near the end of the ride will be completely replaced

Much like the trailer loop in the pre-show, the video montage at the end of the show is also being replaced, with a brand new package of film clips. This is probably a good thing, as there are plenty of classic films that deserve to be highlighted that were not in the original reel. There will also likely be more recent clips of Disney films in the new reel as well, and I’d bet my bunny slippers that a Frozen clip will appear sometwhere in there too! 



When Disney MGM first opened, they promised a celebrity a day at the park and had them casting their footprints in the cement outside of the Chinese Theater. Hopefully TCM will return some of that ceremony to the new attraction.

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