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The 3 Confirmed NEW Elements of Disney Springs at Walt Disney World

3. The BOATHOUSE will also act as a town center for several entertainment offerings


Though The BOAHOUSE was originally rumored to be a just a concept restaurant, Disney has confirmed that this establishment will actually house a lot more than just bars and dining rooms. The much-rumored Amphicars (which go from land to water) will launch from here, and guests can use them to take a 20-minute guided tour of the sights of Disney Springs.

In addition, those who crave a more premium experience can take luxury 40-foot Italian water taxis, that take guests on a 40 minute, more in-depth tour. During this excursion, guests will also be provided with champagne to sip and chocolate-covered strawberries to nibble on.

If your entertainment preferences keep you on land, The BOATHOUSE will also feature live performers every night, keeping guests in the bar and dining areas entertained until 2AM. 

The first phase is coming in spring 2015

Morimoto Asia

If you take a walk around the current Downtown Disney, its hard not to get the impression that you are essentially walking through a sprawling construction zone with a few gift shops interspersed along the way. However, Disney has confirmed that The BOATHOUSE and Morimoto Asia are on track to open as part of the first phase of the reimagined area in spring 2015. The date is certainly ambitious, especially as both of these locations are still heavily under construction.

However, if Disney can make this deadline, we’ll be able to enjoy this first phase of Disney Springs in the very near future. Of course, Disney Springs isn’t projected to be 100% complete until 2016, but these projects seem very emblematic of the Disney Springs concept, and it will be nice to finally be able to put the Disney Springs name with something other than a big construction site.

Are you excited about these new developments? 

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There are 9 comments.

Where's the budget minded stuff? Everything I've read so far mentions high end stuff. I remember the area since the beginning and it's always been good for all budget levels. Now, not so much.

I'm sure they will announce new buffet or "feedbag" options for those who love to gorge themselves, it is disney after all.

That was rude and uncalled for....I perfer the high end dining as well but some families can't fit into their budget and don't deserve to be insulted like that. Grow up.

Haha I thought it was hilarious... that someone thought disney would only put in high end restaurants to their newly designed area, ignoring other price points effectively ignoring the vast majority of their patrons. Thanks for the comedy!

Despite the fact we'll be there this Christmas, looking forward to going back when the area refurb is completed! Sounds awesome!

Won't hold my breath till at least 2018. Look at the Food Truck Court was suppose to open 6 months ago and still is not nearly done yet.

I was just there this weekend and they are making HUGE progress on that area. I've seen it since the groundbreaking and it's moving at the speed of light. I can't wait to see it finished.

Budget minded?? LOL! It's Disney. If you have to be on a budget you may want to go to Six Flags. ;-)

it costs $4 for a soda at the ball park. Everybody is expensive, Bring a sack lunch!


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