Sorcerer's Hat

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been going through a number of massive changes over the past few months, and Disney has now made two more big changes to the park official, with the removal of an attraction and the controversial park icon. Could we be seeing the beginnings of a complete park overhaul, similar in style to the one that Disney California Adventure recently received?

Here are two reasons why we think a full park reboot is in the cards for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the very near future.

1. The Sorcerer’s Hat park icon is on the way out

Sorcerer's Hat

Ever since it was installed in 2001, Mickey’s giant sorcerer’s hat on Hollywood Boulevard has been a controversial figure. While Disney wanted to use it as the park’s icon, many complained it blocked the view of the Great Movie Ride façade (itself stylized to look like the iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theater) and saw the hat as an eyesore.

No matter what side of the Sorcerer’s Hat debate you fall on, the fact is that this former park icon will be removed in the near future. Disney has confirmed this news to several local sources as well as Cast Members, saying that the removal process for the hat will begin early 2015, as post-holiday attendance dwindles.

The Great Movie Ride

Though Disney has stopped short of using the word “demolition” in reference to the Sorcerer’s Hat (instead saying that the hat is being “removed”, in a statement to Cast Members), chances that the hat may make an appearance in another area of the park are fairly slim. The Sorcerer’s Hat’s days are numbered, and if you count yourself as one of its fans, you’ll have to get out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios before the new year to say goodbye to this park icon. 

We don’t know what will replace this structure (if anything), but it be easy to make the logical jump that if something does go in this spot, it might have something to do with the big construction project still rumored to be kicking off next year in nearby Echo Lake…

…but of course that’s just speculation.



How about this for a new name which I haven't been able to get out of my head for weeks for all its genius: Disney Hut. Another good one proffered by a friend of mine but which I find a tad too complicated is The Hades Of American Materialism And Plastic.

At least the Tower of Terror is set in stone. Or at least if should be. My only favorite attraction now considering Universal shamefully got rid of Twister Ride It Out

Surprised that Jack Sparrow declined so quickly in popularity. When we were there in summer of '13 it was packed constantly and my granddaughter was not able to see a lot because everyone was taller than her. Was actually looking forward to seeing it again now that she's taller.

How about a giant Death Star?

I saw someone on another site suggest Disney's Hollywoodland which...Ugh. I don't like. Disney's Hollywood Adventure sounds a lot better to me. Only other idea I had was Disney's Magic of Hollywood, but I feel like that's more of a store name.

As for removing the hat, all for it! I don't hate the hat itself, but its placement and its usurping of the existing icon and sight lines is just incredibly disappointing. Especially since there's not even any useful purpose to it. Unlike the (far smaller, but much more appealing) Sorcerer's Hat at WDS, which forms part of the Art of Disney Animation attraction.

Along those lines, I'd be fine with the park recycling the hat as part of an expanded and improved Animation pavilion, though I suspect the reboot will obviate that purpose.

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