When MyMagic+ and FastPass+ were introduced earlier this year, the goal was to eliminate long lines for guests. However, it looks like there have been a few hiccups with that plan when it comes to some of Walt Disney World's most popular attractions.

Soarin’ at EPCOT and the Anna and Elsa meet and greet at Magic Kingdom have both seen ballooning standby queue times this summer, and unfortunately FastPass+ hasn’t done much to alleviate these lines, as reservation times are scooped up months in advance, and guests frequently are left without any other option but to wait in lines that can reach three and four hours by 11am. However, Disney has put a new scheme in place to try and help guests who can’t get a FastPass+ experience these attractions faster, and it involves paper tickets with printed return times. 

1. Is this the return of paper FastPass?

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Now when guests show up to a long queue at either the Anna and Elsa meet and greet or Soarin’ without a FastPass+, they will be given a paper with a return time. If this sounds like legacy FastPass to you, you’re not alone. Essentially Disney will be using this new return time system to manage the amount of people in the standby line at any given time while still providing priority access for those with FastPass+ reservations. Think of it as a secondary FastPass system. 

2. Just a test? 

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This new system debuted quietly a few days ago, and Cast Members are telling guests that it is currently just a test. However, even though the official line is that this system is experimental, the fact is that if this new scheme can successfully keep wait times down, it seems likely that this secondary FastPass system will roll out to other high wait-time attractions like Toy Story Midway Mania and Peter Pan’s Flight.



They need to start allowing only a certain number of folks into the park. It is no fun when you have to wait in line for hours. I would rather reserve my day to attend ahead of time to be guaranteed no longer than a 30 min wait in line.

I'm really curious if this will work!! Especially with AP holders who can't make FP+ selections until 30 days out from their trip. We're AP holders and have yet to ride Seven Dwarves!!

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Make your fast pass selections for whatever rides you want. Make two of them definites, and one a non definite. Set your times and then finalize. Then go back into the app to change the one you don't want to keep - if mine train doesn't show up - keep doing this until it does. All it takes is one person messing with their fast pass for this ride to free it up momentarily and you can get it. Keep trying. We are APs also and this is the only way we got fast passes (also works for other rides too lol). The line can be long but it moves quickly. The ride itself is very very short and is ok. Hope this helps.

We usually go on Soaring during late Magic Hours when lines are smaller. We waited maybe 20 mins. in July. That is advantage to staying on property.

Maybe old fastpass should be the norm, getting rid of the long general standby lines and linking through to "My Disney Experience", while still offering a couple of Fast Pass Plus options as "things I must do".

For example, if a ride can cycle 600 passengers per hour, you maybe allow for 60 people per hour to choose this ride as one of their FPP options, then distribute the remaining 540 tickets on a first come, first served basis in 5 minute blocks, as per the old fast pass system.

As this was linked to a guest's admission ticket, they could only have 1 ticket at a time (on top of their 3 FFP options). I would imagine people using a FFP would get priority boarding, as they do now, but this should ensure that the maximum wait time would be 1 hour, rather than the 2 or more that some experiences provide. Surely this would be of benefit to the park operators, as less people are actually standing in lines. Meaning that they have more opportunity to be buying things like drinks, food and souvenirs!

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