Diagon Alley Interactive Wands

During the Diagon Alley media preview this week we were able to learn more about the RFID-enabled wand feature that will be a prominent feature in Universal’s new Diagon Alley expansion.

But what exactly is this feature, and what will it entail? We’ve got all the answers to your burning questions!

5. What kind of feature is this?

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Have you ever wanted to become a wizard and cast a spell? Now you will be able to at certain spell spots in and around Diagon Alley. Simply look on the ground for bronze medallions that have the names of spells on them. When you find one, perform the spell by moving your wand (and of course saying the incantation aloud) and you will see the effects of the spell happen right in front of you.  If you’ve ever experienced the Pirates Adventure attraction in Adventureland at Disney's Magic Kingdom, you’ll notice that this feature has a similar feel (though much wider in scope, with a greater variety of effects).

4. So will I have to buy a separate wand?

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Yes. The wands that are compatible with this feature are $44.95 and look visually identical to the Celtic calendar “birthday wands” that were originally available at Hogsmeade, save for some technological enhancements that are visible on the tip of the wand (and aid with the motion tracking “magic”). According to reports, these new wands are a little bit lighter than their less advanced predecessors, which should make them easy for small hands to hold. 

3. What kind of spells can I perform?

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While we don’t have an exhaustive list, several of the spells made famous by the Harry Potter books and films are able to be performed, including Aguamente, Revelio and even Incendio! Each spell will have a unique hand movement that goes along with the incantation to trigger a practical effect. The hand movements for each spell are on the bronze medallions that are embedded in the floor, so if you didn’t exactly ace your incantation OWLs, you’ll have a cheat sheet right below your feet! Lists of spells are also included on special maps that you can use to navigate your way around the different interactive spell areas.  


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