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We're still waiting to hear the location in Florida of Polercoaster, the world's tallest roller coaster. In the meantime, here are five intriguing facts about this unique creation.

The Polercoaster, a smaller version of which is also due to be installed at the Lakepoint Sports Complex north of Atlanta, Georgia, will be constructed by S&S Power and US Thrill Rides. It was announced at last year's IAAPA conference, with the two firms claiming that a location in Florida would be announced within weeks ahead of a 2016 opening date. However, no such announcement has been forthcoming as yet.

The ride is set to stand at an incredible 520-feet-tall, shattering the current height record of 456 feet - held by Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. That's not the only noteworthy thing about the ride and surrounding structure, however...

5. It could be even taller

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The 520-foot height of the proposed Florida Polercoaster is eye-wateringly tall. Yet the concept's inventors claim that Polercoasters could range from between 200 feet to a ridiculous 1000 feet in height - meaning that the Florida version is barely half as tall as the theoretical maximum. Could we ever see such a creation in the real world?

4. It'll power its way to the top

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The unique design of the Polercoaster doesn't exactly lend itself to a traditional chain lift mechanism. Nor would be easy to launch trains to the top of a 520-feet-tall track. Instead, the Polercoaster's trains will be powered to the top, before plummeting back down under the force of gravity alone.

3. It'll feature the world's highest inversion

Polercoaster (5)

At the top of the Polercoaster, the trains will circle around to allow riders to take in the view. They will then be inverted, plunging down the first drop in an upside-down position. This means that the ride will break the world records for both "tallest coaster" and "highest inversion". To allow it to navigate the sharp twists, turns and inversions that will be featured in its circuit, the coaster will use S&S Power's existing El Loco trains, which seat two across.

2. It'll be two attractions in one

Polercoaster (3)

The main attraction on the Polercoaster is, of course, the roller coaster itself. For those who find the experience a bit too terrifying, though, there'll be an alternative method of reaching the top. Two glass elevators will carry guests to an observation deck, where they'll be able to enjoy stunning views for miles around.

1. It'll light up at night

Polercoaster (7)

Here's another feature of the Polercoaster that leads us to believe it'll be located in already built-up area: it'll have the potential to be highly visible at night. In addition to housing a 360-degree video sign at the top, the entire structure - including the coaster's track and trains - will be able to light up in the darkness.

Polercoaster (6)

As for where the Polercoaster will be situated? Well, the concept artwork above sure looks like Miami, doesn't it? However, while the city is home to most of Florida's tallest structures and therefore may present the fewest obstacles in terms of planning consent, it doesn't really fit with the general "Central Florida" location that was teased at IAAPA. Watch this space.



I'd love to give this a try; the idea of a glass elevator too is brilliant:D

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