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Alton Towers will remove the Submission flat ride from the X-Sector area of the park ahead of the 2014 season, with no immediate replacement planned.

TowersSteet broke the news of the closure of Submission, which has been operating at half-capacity for much of the last few years. The ride's removal leaves Alton Towers' flat ride selection looking somewhat threadbare, particularly in comparison with sister park Thorpe Park.

Submission was installed in the X-Sector area of Alton Towers in 2001, replacing Energizer and located next to Enterprise and Oblivion. It is a Chance Rides Double Inverter, featuring two gondolas that can hold 24 people each. On off-peak days, only one of the two gondolas would operate - but in recent years this has been the case even during the peak season.


The gondolas are each attached by an arm to a central pillar, and rotate around it in opposite directions. Riders are raised up to increasing heights, until eventually they are suspended upside-down for several seconds. This is repeated on several occasions, which made Submission a ride to avoid for those who suffer from vertigo.

What's next up for removal from Alton Towers?

The second phase of Alton Towers' long-term development plan specifically highlights three rides as coming to the end of their operational lifespans, with all three potentially due for removal between 2015 and 2019. Those three rides are Ripsaw, The Blade and The Flume. Meanwhile, the Sonic Spinball roller coaster could also be on its way out as part of a proposal to reduce the visual and noise impact of the area close to the Alton Towers mansion.

The removal of The Blade and Ripsaw would leave Alton Towers with very few flat rides, in a park that was once dominated by them. However, the plans do suggest that they will be replaced. In addition, two major rides are earmarked for 2016 and 2019 - likely to include at least one new roller coaster.



I highly doubt that they will remove the flume or sonic spinball because in the peek seasons they are very very busy so I very highly doubt they will remove them also I dont like submission its shit I whet on it once got off and was very sick next to the seat I was sat by
:) :) :) :)

Goodbye, so long, farewell, don't let the door hit you on the way out! Awful ride, thank god it's going. Ridden once & that was enough!

For a theme park that was rather heavy on the flat rides when it opened, Alton Tower's flat ride line up has really dwindled in recent years to be a rather poor offering. Especially when, like you say, you compare it to Thorpe Park.

Surely abit of easy investment for the park now over the next few years until we get the next big coaster. There are some great flat rides out there that would fill a nice niche in the park. But will Submissions vacant site be filled with a new attraction or will they look at quietening this side of the park, they are looking at moving Sonic Spinball for these very reasons?

i hope they never remove ripsaw, unless they get a new top spin by huss (like a suspended 1)

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