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Update: 10 New Lands Confirmed or Rumored for Disney Theme Parks

5. Cars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Radiator Springs Racers

Is Lightning McQueen on his way to Florida? Image © Disney

Cars Land has proven to be a massive hit at Disney California Adventure since its 2012 debut, with its headline ride - Radiator Springs Racers - cementing a spot in the top 20 theme park rides in the world according to Theme Park Tourist readers. Given the apparently urgent need for Disney to do something to take on Harry Potter at Univeral Orlando, it was inevitable that rumors would surface about a clone of the land coming to Florida. The potential destination? You guessed it: Disney's Hollywood Studios, which already hosts several Star Wars-themed attractions.

The land would probably replace much of the existing Studio Backlot Tour, as well as the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. It would be headlined by Radiator Springs Racers (despite the similarities to Epcot's Test Track), although this could potentially be housed indoors due to issues related to the Florida climate.

Status: There is no doubt that plans to bring Cars Land to Florida have been on the drawing board at Walt Disney Imagineering for some time. However, all the latest indicators are that Florida's Cars Land is at best on hold, and at worst cancelled.

4. World of Oz at Disneyland

Oz the Great and Powerful

Image © Disney

For many years, there have been rumors that a new land would be squeezed into Disneyland somewhere, with the most likely destination being the current site of the Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland. The most recent suggest that Imagineering has finished up the design of an area based on Oz the Great and Powerful, which performed strongly at the box office.

Status: This one appears to be merely a concept at the moment.

3. Marvel Superhero Land at Hong Kong Disneyland

Iron Man Experience concept art

Image © Disney

Disney acquired Marvel in a $4 billion deal in September 2009, but has made limited use of its comic book characters at its US parks. At Walt Disney World, its hands are tied by a pre-existing licensing deal that Marvel has with the Universal Orlando Resort, which sees its characters appear in the Marvel Super Hero Island area of Islands of Adventure.

There are no such constraints at Hong Kong Disneyland, which will host the company's first Marvel-themed land. It will be headlined by the Iron Man Experience, a new ride based on the trilogy starring Robert Downey Jr. This will see guests take to the street and skies above Hong Kong to join in a battle with Iron Man himself.

Status: The Iron Man Experience has been officially announced by Disney, and is expected to open in late 2016.

2. Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jedi Training Academy

The Jedi Training Academy could be due for enhancement.

Rumors of an area dedicated to Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios have been circulating ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October 2012. With a series of new movies in the pipeline, it's a near-certainty that Disney is working on new attractions based on the franchise. Disney's Hollywood Studios would be their natural home, given that it already hosts Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

Screamscape suggests that the land will be built in two phases. The first would potentially feature a Mos Eisley Cantina-themed restaurant, an enhanced Jedi Academy show and a basic children's ride. The second would boast a more ambitious E-Ticket attraction.

Status: While some reports suggest that Star Wars land is on hold, we still expect to see Star Wars-related additions to Disney's Hollywood Studios eventually. With Avatar Land not due to open until 2017, though, it could be the end of the decade before we see it happen.

1. La Place de Remy at Walt Disney Studios, Paris

Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy

Walt Disney Studios' Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, based on the 2007 Pixar film, will see guests "shrunk" down to the size of a rat. The ride will begin in Gusteau's restaurant, before taking riders on a wild chase through key scenes from the movie. Disney will reuse the trackless ride system from Tokyo Disneyland's Pooh's Hunny Hunt attraction, which allows full 360 degree rotation of the ride cars.

The surrounding area is set to be themed around a Parisian courtyard. As well as several mock building façades, the area will also feature an elaborate fountain. Part of the ride building's exterior is set to be themed as Gusteau's restaurant from the movie, and the building is expected to house an actual restaurant in addition to the ride.

Status: Construction work is nearly complete, and la Place de Remy will officially open on July 10, 2014.

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They can easily make the starwars area , and make a ride like the movie attraction at the disneyland studios, making it like u start out on the farm and ride to easily then, showing scenes from all the movies and stuff like how they do in the Movie ride.The Movie starwars 7 is coming out dec of 2015 , so by then would be cool to open a ride like that or area .

Great we get avatar land californis get car, star wars and monstroplis we are getting ripped off

Walt Disney World could possibly get the Star Wars Land and Cars Land too.

Whoever thought avatar land was a good idea needs to be fired. No one wants it. Spend the resources implementing cars or star wars land.


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