Club 33 staircase

Accessible only to members of an exclusive club, Club 33 is hidden away above the Blue Bayou in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. You can get in for a meal if you're with a member, but otherwise your only option is join a lengthy waiting list (as well as paying a $10,000 initiation fee).

Last weekend, Club 33 closed its doors as it prepares to undergo an extensive renovation and expansion that will add a new kitchen, lounge and entry area. Gone, though, will be the famous Trophy Room, with its animatronic vulture and hidden microphones (which Walt Disney planned to use to communicate with his guests, but were never actually used).

No reopening date has been set for Club 33. But for now, let's take one last look at the original layout.

The entrance door

The current entrance to Club 33 is via a low-key door in New Orleans Square. The new entrance will be in the former Court of Angels.

Club 33 entrance door

Image: Ryan Burkhardt, Flickr

The lobby

Guests are let into the lobby after pressing a hidden doorbell. They can take the stairs to the second floor, or they can hop into an elevator that was modelled on one that Walt Disney admired during a trip to Paris. The lobby will not be a part of the revamped Club 33.

Club 33 lobby

Club 33 staircase

Image: Jennifer Pickens, Flickr

Main Hall

The main hall features the telephone booth from The Happiest Millionaire, as well an impressive piano.

Club 33 Main Hall

Image: Steve, Flickr

Club 33 piano

Image: Ana Kelston, Flickr

The Trophy Room / Walt Disney Room

The Trophy Room dining room will soon be no more, but elements are set to be moved elsewhere as part of the expansion.

Club 33 Trophy Room

Image: Jennifer Pickens, Flickr

Club 33 vulture

Image: Tootsie's Dad, Flickr

The Main Dining Room

The elegant dining room serves a buffet lunch and a table-service dinner. The buffet will be dropped in favor of a traditional menu when the restaurant reopens.

Club 33 dining room

Image: Jennifer Pickens, Flickr

Club 33 dining room (2)

Image: Ricky Brigante, Flickr

Club 33 food

Image: Tootsie's Dad, Flickr


Not only this place is ugly, but taxidermy animals in Disney?????

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