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Images: UK's Camelot theme park abandoned and left to rot


After several years of financial struggles and question marks over its long-term future, the Camelot Theme Park in Lancashire, England finally confirmed that it would close for good at the end of the 2012 season. The park's Managing Director, Roy Page, blamed a combination of the impact of the unusually wet summer weather, the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee for another year of weak revenues.

The shuttered park is located close to the village of Charnock Richard. Despite its long-running issues, at the time of its closure it was still home to some popular attractions, including the dizzying Whirlwind roller coaster and Excalibur 2 spinning inverter thrill ride. Several of these have been procured by and relocated to other parks.

Camelot first opened back in 1983, on the site of the former "Lake of Sir Lancelot". This inspired the park's theme, which saw a number of King Arthur-themed attractions installed. For a long period, the park was twinned with the American Adventure in Derbyshire, which closed in 2007. Camelot had long been expected to meet the same fate, having suffered from declining attendances from 2006 onwards.

The park was acquired by housing developer Story Group in 2009. The credit crunch, which led to a slowdown in construction, may actually have offered the park a stay of execution, and it was subsequently leased to the Knights Leisure group which operated its rides and attractions.

The Story Group has put forward a plan to build a 450-home "green" development dubbed "Park Hall Village" on the site, complete with fitness trails, allotments and woodland areas. Local residents have opposed the plan, claiming that it does not include enough supporting facilities. The scheme was rejected in August 2014.

For now, though, let's take a look at the rotting remains of Camelot, as captured on camera in June 2013.

All photos published under a Creative Commons license by Flickr user True British Metal.

Props relating to the park's medieval theme are strewn around the grounds:

Abandoned Camelot theme park (1)

Abandoned Camelot theme park (2)

The arena that once hosted jousting tournaments hosted by King Arthur is still standing:

Abandoned Camelot theme park (3)

Abandoned Camelot theme park (4)

The Galleon swinging ship is lost at sea:

Abandoned Camelot theme park (5)

The Dragon Flyer powered roller coaster has seen better days:

Abandoned Camelot theme park (6)

Lack of maintenance has taken its toll:

Abandoned Camelot theme park (7)

Abandoned Camelot theme park (8)

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There are 78 comments.

Such a shame why not offer it to the Tussauds group who actually know what they are doing. Its not supposed to be houses, its a leisure facility keep it like that.

You do mean the merlin group not Tussauds

I wasn't even aware it had closed. Such a shame as it was ideal for younger children. Had many a magical day there when my son was younger.
The Log Flume was brilliant as the heaviest had to sit at the front, which was always me! Haha

Went to Camelot wery summer holiday since I was 5 i would have loved to to take our son it was such a fun place and the knights were so cool such a shame its closed down

Blaming the weather, Olympics and jubilee ? Try not upgrading the park with new rides ect! Alton towers thrives rain or shine

If they didnt have enough money to keep it open, how would they invest on new rides

Didn't it shut because someone else fell off
A ride again?

Ppl have fell off n rides have broke in Alton towers n Blackpool they ain't closed

Such a shame I loved this place as a kid and American adventure, it inspired my love of medieval history after watching the joust. I even met my hero Sooty there. Maybe I'll go urban exploring in the new ghost town

Aww so sad, I had no idea it had closed! I used to love that place. Spent many a happy summer there with my local youth club :(

Here's a video of me going around the place in August.

Sad to see it empty.

saw your video just before finding this, are you able to explain where the entrance you used is? i'm looking to go for a photo shoot but not sure where it is you entered by

For a few yrs me and my friend had season tickets or we used to get those £3 deals for entry ... Amazing laughs and lots of memories had there

Wow I can't believe this, yes it may have been cheesy but I had so many good days out there from being a little kid to being a teenager.
So sad I was going to take my husband there. Now I can't.

Get Alan sugar on to it he will sort it right out !!!

does anyone else think laser quest? when they see abandoned places like this?

I was thinking something more like 2.8 hours.

i think more paint balling lol

Cant believe its gone. We last went just after it had been sold and were led to believe it had been saved. Loved the jousting tournaments. Even stayed in the hotel on the deals. Such a shame a part of our heritage and history gone

I think I've just formed a cunning plan. I might stick it up on Kickstart: Camelot Theme Park is shafted - closed and abandoned to rot. They should turn it into a Zombie Paintball Apocalypse park - your team vs loads of dudes dressed as zombies to fight - blood red paintballs - wouldn't need to do it up... A few health and safety issues to contend with, but I think it would be a winner.

Steve, you've nailed it my friend! I would be all over that shit like white on rice. Get it done, I'll be front of the queue!

Steve, you've nailed it my friend! I would be all over that shit like white on rice. Get it done, I'll be front of the queue!

Get in touch with the people who do 2.8 hours! :D

Hell yes! Zombie paintball in an abandoned theme park!
Has anyone put it on kickstarter yet?

Everyone use to go there! Is exactly the point no one has visted in years the reason it has closed. It was always 2nd best to Alton towers and only ever had a couple of decent rides, no loss and people who say it is should of visted more often might not have closed.

What a shame! I loved this place when I was younger and would have loved to take my children there. So many happy memories, can't believe it looks the way it does now.

Shame. Only managed to go the once but it was a great day! Rained nearly all day but it made it more fun! Will never forget it!

Someone should definitely buy it and turn it in to something half decent. It's a shame for it to be built on, keep it as a tourist attraction.
I went and there were like what, 2 half decent rides. With a bit of funding and a revamp this could work once again.

I am really sad to see this place like this!
Me and my best friend came when we were kids a lot and we loved it! Although my dad forced me on that dragon ride and I hated it because I don't like rides.
Sad to see this place like this and something should of been done sooner to raise money to keep it running.
Should not be turned into houses It should definitely be kept as a leisure attraction!

I attended this theme park as a child and I also have visited it alot with my children and we had endless days of fun. It seems that since the accident happened its just went from bad to worse xxx

We went loads when we were kids and over recent years took our children many times too. It was perfect for young children. When story took over i believe the intention was to let it carry on running at a loss and they always wanted to build houses on it. Such a shame.

I used to come here every year at least once when growing up as a kid. Has so much fun! I even won a chance to be a 'Knight for a day', it was one of my best memories haha. I got to stand with the king!!!
I think the use of the Olympics, weather and Jubilee is that people will want to save and spend money to see these, rather than go to camalot. This will bring less people in and less money for the park. How then, could it buy anything new? Especially if it was already having trouble.

What a shame I remember fingering my first bird on the ghost train here

Aww im gutted loved goin here and wud off loved to take my kids

I can't believe this wonderful place has closed, I lost my virginity there.

So sad... Bet its Spooky at night though.. Should do Ghost walk and fright night... If it could be rescued then that would be great.. Have some great memories of being there.. But if not... then let them build.. Think the plans for a Green way of living sound great as well

I have very find memories of going to this place as a kid. Loved it. Such sadness fills me to see it like this.

My next door neighbour was the black night here :( but on the plus side all the knights got Warwick castle deals so they now work the summer in Warwick castle, they still do the same show too :)

Is your neighbour called Loz (Lawrence)?

Sad to see it like this. Used to sneak in there in the early 80's before the park expanded and got busy. In later years went on to work there for a couple of seasons operating rides like the Caterpillar, Pirate Ship,Lancelots Leap and the Tower of Terror.You used to have to push the caterpillar ride full of people out the station. Also used to work on some animatronic dragon thing where you would get people into a darkened room and press a button to start a show. This mechanical dragon would wake up with glowing eyes and used to frighten the little kids. Wished I could remember the words it used to say.Started off with "I'm wicked, I'm evil so people believe. But I'm only evil to those that deceive...." Kids would love it but after hearing it 30+ times a day it got on your nerves. People said the best ride in the park was the little train that brought you from the car park to the entrance (especially when I used to drive it :-)

My Dad used to take me and my sister every summer when we were kids. It feels like part of my childhood has vanished. What a shame.

It's a shame. I work in my car and every time I pass Charnock Richard services on the M6 I see the top of Knightmare poking its head out above the trees. Looks so forlorn. Had some good times there as a child. Hope they figure something out and reopen the place. If I had that kind of money, I'd buy the place out myself.

I worked at Camelot from leaving school for nearly 2 seasons, it was the best and most fun job anyone leaving school could have had! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's such a shame, as I would love to go and visit to reminisce. Didn't realise it was shutting last year!

I worked at Camelot from leaving school for nearly 2 seasons, it was the best and most fun job anyone leaving school could have had! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's such a shame, as I would love to go and visit to reminisce. Didn't realise it was shutting last year!

My mum took us loads as kids, I even have a photo on the log flume! Was brilliant! I would of loved to taken my children, they are now 5 and would love the theme there and rides but what a shame! Many happy memories! Someone should deffo restore it back to glory!

Awr what a same. I never new it had closed. We spent many a happy day there lot's happy memories.

When it 1st opened my parents would take me and my 2 brothers there as a treat for the summer holidays,the rope climbing adventure near the front was always fun as you always got caught in the holes in the ropes,and the knights joustingwas always great to watch,hopefully we can have the theme park back in its former glory and not ran by a bunch of comedians that haven't got a clue on what they are doing.

What a mess. I use to work there on the early 90s shame to see myy fave ride the dragon flyer in such a mess. Please let me in for another drive round on her

I think a lot of people are a tad too sentimental.It was a stinking horrible noisy. .run down God forsaken place. It was run on a shoestring for years...and probably needed knocking down anyway and new stuff shipped in. I think they should build some high rise flats on the site....much more easy on the eye ;)

I loved this place as a kid, went every summer :-)
Took my girls & discovered nearly half of the Park missing :-(
In my opinion the beginning of the end was replacing the attractions with the hotel.
So sad to see it in this state :-(


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