Avatar Land artwork

A new report has emerged which purports to describe the ride experience for the headline attraction at Pandora - World of Avatar, the new land that will open at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2017.

One-time LA Times journalist Robert Niles scooped the world when he posted the plans for Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, and it seems he's repeated the trick once again by gaining a glimpse at the plans for the Avatar attraction. If Niles' observations are accurate, then the ride system will have a lot in common with The Simpsons Ride at Universal's park, although we can safely expect the technology to have moved on significantly from that 1990s-era simulator.

Avatar Land artwork

The key points from Niles' report (which, remember, is yet to be confirmed by Disney) are:

  • Avatar Land will open in phases, with the 3-D attraction being part of the first phase.
  • There will be four theaters hosted in a massive five or six-story show building.
  • Guests will view a pre-show, and will wear 3-D glasses for the main show.
  • The show itself will be projected onto an enormous, curved IMAX-style screen, just as it is in The Simpsons Ride.
  • Riders will board vehicles that rise to one of three show levels in front of the screen, in a similar style to The Simpsons Ride. Seemingly, multiple ride vehicles will view the same screen. These vehicles may be suspended from the theater's ceiling.

There are more details in Niles' report, so head on over to Theme Park Insider to read them.

Avatar Land boat ride artwork

The 3-D ride will be joined by a boat ride through Pandora's forests, although it's not clear whether this will open at the same time. Other rumored attractions include a walkthrough experience in which guests' will meet animals from the Avatar universe, and plants and pavements that light up as guests walk on or past them.

It's worth noting, too that the report lends further weight to our argument last week that Disney will NOT scrap or delay Avatar Land or the proposed Star Wars Land for Disney's Hollywood Studios as a result of overspending on the MyMagic+ project.

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I love Avatar and Disney did a good job and I can't wait and Awesome Concept Art of the new Avatar land and new Entertainment too!

The whole change of disney has honestly to me is going down the tubes..I have been a fan of WDW since i was a kid and i'm now 21. Went for my 21st birthday and sadly i was disappointed in it. The new "fantasy land" is a bust and now "avatar land"? When did disney even sign a partnership with james Cameron when the movie even came out? I did not see one inch of disney on there. Yet alone would it even fit in disney. I think honestly disney has lost it way of being what it was made for back in the day..Epcot has killed being the bomb when i was there by having drunk people walking around and acting like fools over the "wine tasting" plus it was to packed for that as well..Either they lost their normal roots or it's getting old..Even downtown disney was kinda a bust. They took out most of their good shops and replace them with some i have no clue why they want in there and along with the music shop which is totally gone..The disney world i knew as a child has pretty much got murdered and is being replaced with stuff that doesn't really feel like WDW..But as a true fan i will support it in hopes they don't kill the rest of the good in the parks. Let's see what will be of this new "land" shall we?

I really like the sound of some of these attractions that will make up Avatar-land, but.....I still have my reservations about the enduring appeal of such an area. What happens after the final Avatar film has long since come and gone and Cameron does nothing more in that universe again? What becomes of Avatar-land, then? Will it all get bulldozed in favor of turning it into whatever new pop culture fad is out at that time?

Then, as others have mentioned, this "opening in phases" deal, which we already well know is Disney's mode of operation will mean a lot of headache with construction walls, cranes and other equipment always visible, and the same nonsense as was seen (and still is) through the New Fantasyland construction as well.

Yawwwnnn..... I really hope they dial this idea down a bit. I think the Avatar craze has significantly faded and it is not worth doing a "Land" based Avatar area. A ride, sure - an "area where guests can meet animals from Avatar universe?" - come on... how is that going to work? Animatronics?....
I'm an AP holder at WDW and I really feel like Disney is missing the boat here - Universal is growing leaps and bounds, The Original HP "land", then adding Transformers the Ride, the new Simpsons area, and now the anticipation over Diagon Alley... and there are already rumors (as has been mentioned here before) of potential expansions to the Jurrasic Park area and perhaps a re-imagineering of King Kong.... what has Disney done lately?....new Fantasyland? sure, but that's it - and to me, that in itself was disappointing. I'm sure the Snow White mine ride will be cool when it eventually opens, but they made a huge mistake opeing Fantasyland in "sections"... it completely took most of the luster off of it - and what is in the "new" section now? a kids area, a kids ride (the Little Mermaid), a restaurant and a counter service spot. Nothing "exciting" per say... nothing that, after you ride it once - are you saying to yourself - WOW, I can't wait to do it again.... which is what Universal has been doing repeatedly lately. To me, as far as rides go - Transformers and the Harry Potter ride are head and sholders above any attraction Disney has at the moment.... and the new Diagon alley (which also is boasting a mine ride) - will surely not disappoint.

"Avatar Land will open in phases...", here we go again Disney with that fantasyland-style, wood fencing, work in progress crap. At least someone had the good sense to have the centerpiece attraction open as part of the FIRST phase this time.

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