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Competition: Win signed copies of two great Alton Towers books!

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We're giving away signed copies of John Wardley's autobiography, Creating my own Nemesis, as well as Tales from the Towers: The Unofficial Story Behind Alton Towers.

Update: The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Zara, who won the prize draw and will therefore receive signed copies of the two books!

John Wardley is the creator of Alton Towers' most famous rides, including Nemesis, Oblivion and Air. He is also the man responsible for bringing the theme park concept to Britain, having designed Chessington World of Adventures. His autobiography tells the fascinating story of how he came to be involved in the industry, and how those world-famous attractions were built. You can read our review of it here.

Tales from the Towers, meanwhile, tells the full story of how Alton Towers developed into Britain's most popular theme park. Starting from its origins as a country estate, it follows the development of the site into a tourist attraction over a period of two centuries, and contains everything you could ever need to know about the park.

For your chance to win the signed books (one of each), simply leave a comment on this post using the form below by 11.59pm UK time on Thursday, November 28, 2013. We'll announce the winner shortly afterwards. Remember to leave a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you.

Good luck!

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There are 25 comments.


I attended school in Bristol during the 1980s. For work experience week, while everyone else was working at accountants, doctors, architects etc, I requested to go work at Alton Towers. I spent a week there, work on various attractions such as 1001 Nights and the Black Hole and changing the camera film on the Log Flume and Rapids. I stayed with a local family and ended up staying on for the rest of the summer. It was the year when the monorail opened. It was a fascinating insight for me into theme park operations. I went on to work for WDW. Now I live in Miami, but whenever I go home I always try to visit Alton Towers as I have so many fond memories.

I've been a long follower of this site. Keep up the good work.

Would be awesome to win a signed copy of these books for my theme park collection.

Good luck Steve!

You guys do such a great job you had me taking photos of planned and UN finished rides in Florida less than two weeks ago. Lastly Aston Towers has changed so much in the last 29 yes I've been going yikes!

Would love to win signed copies of these books! I have been going to Alton Towers for quite a while, and enjoy reading about its history and past rides, so i would really enjoy reading these.

Alton Towers in our favourite theme park in the UK. My eldest daughter would love these books to learn the history

Out of curiosity can you get this from libarys as its not a mainstream book ? :)

Probably not...both books are self-published, so it's quite unlikely that libraries will stock them.

Alton towers is definitely my favourite theme park in the UK! I've had a Merlin pass for the past 5 years and can't wait to try out the smiler :)

Alton' towers is the best place ever without john wardley there would be no nemesis and the best rides in the world without nick sims we'd have no book to read about Alton towers

Love the books, I'd love signed ones even more!

This competition is the highlight of my day! Both books are on my Christmas list but signed copies would be more than amazing. Being a self confessed theme park, roller coaster geek my favourite childhood memory is the first time I went to Alton towers. I was 9 and had been pleading with my parents to take me for what seemed like forever! Finally I they took me. There I was, waiting in line for nemesis; a mixture of fear and excitement all at once. Getting closer and closer while the iconic tune played, getting louder the closer we got. I'd been to chessington and ridden the vampire but nemesis was huge in comparison, and no floor! Then it was my turn... Strapped in, up the lift hill then we flew along the track, twisting and turning - it was the best feeling in the world. each time I ride; I get that same feeling!! John Wardley made that happen :) #bestfeelingever!

I would love to go back to Alton towers but its a too longer distance to travel for the day so would have to make a weekend of it.

Hello, I'm a helicopter.

I love Alton Towers, it is one of my favourite places in the country, and is still a magical place :) lots of wonderful childhood memories from there, like going on Toyland Tours as a 5 year old, when it was newly opened and just amazing! And seeing the ice shows like Peter Rabbit on ice and Webmaster. But these days, nothing beats the thrill of Oblivion! Would be great to own these books and learn more about the park and the genius that is John Wardley :D

Good luck everyone

Alton Towers has always been one of my dream parks to visit since when I was a kid and started studying English at school as a foreign language, abroad (so I could read the park brochures I requested contacting their customer relations office via smail mail!). At the tender age of 28yo and living in the UK I finally visited it! Well worth the wait! Keep up the great work with Theme Park Tourist!

Nice, but Merlin have lost the plot on their prices.

Would love to win this, love Alton Towers

I love theme parks, especially love Alton Towers and I'm intrigued by its history. What a novel idea writing a book about it! :-)

Still the best. You guys need to open another great park in the South West.

me and my wife love alton towers cant wait to again next year

I love Alton Towers and most theme parks. But what I love most is knowing all about them, how they work, secrets that none of my friends know. I love reading my disney world trivia books and would love to have some about alton towers too :D

The theme park industry is awesome and brings me a lot of joy! So I'm very curious what stories go behind those wonderfull Wardley rides and how Alton Towers has become what it is today.

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