Pandora - World of Avatar concept art

With Pandora - The World of Avatar now confirmed for Disney's Animal Kingdom, we take a look at 5 of the most interesting rumors circulating about the new land.

Last month, Disney finally revealed some details of Pandora, having remained unusually quiet since its original announcement back in 2011. It also released some stunning-looking concept art, although the concept of Avatar attractions being located in a Disney theme park still stirs up controversy amongst fans.

Thanks to Disney, we now know that there will be two major attractions located in Pandora - The World of Avatar:

  • A flight simulator - the headline ride of the Pandora area will see guests flying over the alien planet.
  • A boat ride - aimed at families, this will take guests deep into the forests of Pandora.

But what about the rest of the land? And what exactly can we expect from that E-Ticket flying ride? Here are a few potential answers!

1. Animal experiences will be part of Pandora

Pandora concept art (1)

Image © Disney

The focus at Disney's Animal Kingdom isn't just on thrill rides, but on interacting with nature. While Avatar Land will be inspired by fictional creatures, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to "meet" them. Central Florida Top 5 claims that a walkthrough attraction and regular "visits" will enable guests to see Pandora's inhabitants up-close.

2. Sidewalks and plants will come to life

Pandora concept art (2)

It's clear from Disney's concept art that lighting will play a very important role in Pandora's theming. This could go as far as "ripple effects" built into the sidewalk, as well as glow-in-the-dark plants (remember, Disney plans to open Animal Kingdom late into the evening once Pandora opens).

3. The headline ride will be more than a Soarin' clone

Pandora concept art (3)

Image © Disney

With Universal Orlando one-upping Disney with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (and seemingly developing a mind-blowing Gringotts Bank Coaster), it's likely that the Mouse will pull out all the stops for Pandora's main attraction. Expect more than just a clone of Soarin' at Epcot - for starters, the projection technology alone is likely to be a generational leap ahead. And, if CF Top 5 is to be believed, you'll be lying face down, instead of seated...so the screen will be on the floor!

4. You'll dine in an army mess hall

While it features some stunning eye-candy, much of the original Avatar movie is set in a fairly grim army base. And that could provide the setting for the area's quick-service dining location. No word yet on if there'll be a more upscale restaurant, too.

5. It'll open in phases

Yes...we hear your groans. Not only is it rumored that we won't see any of Avatar Land open until 2017, but Theme Park Insider reports that Disney may open the land in phases, as it did with New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Pandora concept art (4)

Image © Disney

So there you go...there's still much that's unconfirmed about Pandora - World of Avatar. What do you think of Disney's plans, and the latest rumors?


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