Cedar Fair is betting heavily on their Carowinds property and rumors are already beginning to swirl. After just announcing in late August that the theme park operator (who owns Cedar Point and Kings Island, as well as ten other properties in the United States and Canada) would invest $50 million into Carowinds in the next three years, we're beginning to hear rumors of where a bulk of that money will go.

According to Screamscape, $30 million of the park's three-year investment may finance the construction of a Winged Coaster by Swiss manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard, who have found renewed acclaim for their winged model in the forms of Raptor, The Swarm, Wild Eagle, X-Flight, and most recently, Cedar Point's iconic Gatekeeper, which soars over the park's renovated turnstiles and gracefully flips through two massive keyhole cutout towers, giving the illusion of a near-miss for both onlookers and riders.

Will a ride similar to Cedar Point's Gatekeeper find its way to Carowinds? Image via Cedar Fair.

Screamscape reports that the remaining $20 million will be spent - in part - on new waterslides (which have already been announced as 2014's additions), new restaurants, and a complete renovation of the park's main entrance, which may indicate that Carowinds will recieve a "gate-keeping" Winged Coaster of its own. 

Carowinds in located half in North Carolina, half in South Carolina. Its most recent major roller coaster investment was 2010's Intimidator, a B&M hypercoaster themed after legendary NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt. 

Check the source below for more on this rumor and plenty more, and let us know in the comments what you think - would a Wing Coaster be just the right thing for Carowinds? Is Cedar Fair's investment in this thrill park a smart move?



Screamscape is the tabloid of the theme park world.

Take everything you read from them with a grain...... bottle of salt.

Certainly. But the park has officially announced $50 million of improvements in the next three years (that's not a rumor), and a major coaster will almost certainly be the cornerstone of that. It's clear that Cedar Fair's happy to partner with B&M, and Gatekeeper was a rousing success. So when rumors start that Carowinds is earmarking money for a front entrance renovation and a major coaster, it's more than possible that the park's big expansion will include a Wing Coaster!

Screamscape is a rumor portal, but that doesn't mean many or even most of his informants are making things up. At this stage it can barely be classified as a rumor (being at least a year or more away) but it's not improbable or outrageous in the least! Fun to consider either way.

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