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Thorpe Park set to delay next roller coaster until 2017

Thorpe Park Colossus roller coaster

Thorpe Park is set to delay the opening date of its next major new roller coaster until 2017, although the proposed size of the ride has increased.

In a recent planning application to extend the stay of the Crash Pad temporary hotel until 2024, the park revealed that the new coaster is unlikely to be built by the end of 2016. It also reveals that since The Swarm - which opened in 2012 - was shorter than originally planned at 128 feet tall, the next coaster is likely to be taller, at some 164 feet.

The new coaster will almost certainly be installed on the new island that stands next to The Swarm. This is one of several locations proposed in the park's Medium-Term Development Plan, with the other primary site now being occupied by the Crash Pad.

Few details are given of the 2017 coaster in Thorpe Park's outline plans, although like The Swarm it will have a maximum length of 2,788 feet (850 metres), and no more than 9 vertical loops.

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