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Rumour: Universal to acquire theme park rights for major movie franchises

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Universal is set to acquire the rights to produce theme park attractions based on movies produced by Legendary Pictures, according to a new report.

Variety claims that parent company NBCUniversal is to sign a distribution deal with Legendary Pictures, which currently distributes its films via Warner Bros. The deal won't cover existing Legendary Pictures movies such as The Dark Night and Man of Steel, or the soon-to-be-released Godzilla and Pacific Rim but is likely to include upcoming titles directed by the likes of Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan.

The deal will cover film distribution rights, but Variety speculates that it will also "provide access to the company's theme parks". Of course, Universal is no stranger to producing attractions based on intellectual property that it doesn't own - it did a deal with Legendary Picture's previous partner Warner Bros. to bring Harry Potter to its parks.

The company has also worked with directors including Peter Jackson (King Kong 360 3-D) and Michael Bay (Transformers: The Ride) to bring their creations to life in the form of high-tech attractions.

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