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Video: Full Throttle roller coaster opens to rave reviews at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Full Throttle

Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened its newest roller coaster, Full Throttle, which offers a unique ride experience that has attracted rave reviews.

Full Throttle's centerpiece vertical loop, which stands at some 160-feet-tall, is notable in that its single spine has track both on the inside and outside – the outside serving as a top hat element and the ride's last hill. The ride's circuit will boasts a number of other elements, including a total of three launch sections.

Full Throttle (1)

Full Throttle (2)

Riders do not wear over-the-shoulder restraints on Full Throttle, which features a simple lap bar. This, in combination with the loop, has led to high praise from some reviewiers, including the LA Times' Brady MacDonald: "And then you ride Full Throttle and there's only one reaction: Wow. The deceptively pedestrian-looking triple-launch coaster at the Valencia amusement park packs a fistful of powerful punches and delivers a heavy helping of thrills in a compact package."

Official on- and off-ride footage of Full Throttle is embedded below:

The addition of Full Throttle means that Six Flags Magic Mountain will hang on to its "Coaster Capital of the World" crown for at least one more season, with a total of 18 roller coasters - more than any other park on the planet.

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