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Enterprise and Oblivion remain closed as X-Sector struggles continue at Alton Towers


Alton Towers is continuing to suffer problems in its X-Sector Land, with two rides - Enterprise and Oblivion- currently out of action for unknown reasons.

X-Sector received a major overhaul for the 2013 season, ahead of the opening of The Smiler roller coaster. The new addition is now up-and-running after two months of delays, although it is suffering from occasional downtime. However, nearby Oblivion and Enterprise are both closed to guests, leaving the area very short on capacity.

Oblivion, the vertical drop roller coaster that opened in 1998, has been closed for around a week. The reasons behind the closure have not been made public, with some rumours suggesting that a new part is needed before the ride can reopen. These have not been confirmed.

Enterprise, meanwhile, is also closed, despite having undergone a major renovation during the closed season. The ride is one of Alton Towers' oldest attractions, having made its debut in the Festival Park area in 1984. A classic Huss Enterprise attraction, it is identical to those seen in other theme parks and travelling funfairs all over the world.

No reopening date has been given by Alton Towers for either ride.

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