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Alton Towers introduces Fastrack queue-jumping tickets for The Smiler

The Smiler

Less than two weeks after its debut and with the ride still not operating smoothly, Alton Towers has introduced Fastrack queue-jumping tickets for The Smiler.

A limited number of the premium tickets are available each day, and have been selling out quickly. Alton Towers claimed in a statement to Towers Times that it is reviewing the number of Fastrack tickets that are being made available "on a daily basis" to ensure that it "gets the balance right".

Meanwhile, The Smiler has stalled for the third time since its debut. On this occasion, a train came to a halt midway round its circuit while being put through a test run. Unlike on the previous occasions, the train was weighed down by test dummies, and the surrounding X-Sector area remained open while a crane was brought in to remove it.

"Valleying" is not uncommon on new roller coasters, with factors such as varying track temperatures and train weights contributing to the problem. The Smiler is expected to reopen shortly, and Alton Towers is working with manufacturer Gerstlauer to iron out the teething problems.

The Smiler, which had previously been known by its codename of "SW7", has shattered the world record for the most inversions in a coaster's circuit with a total of 14. Its circuit also features two lift hills, and is located alongside the existing Oblivion roller coaster in the X-Sector area.

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