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Six Flags Great America to run Viper and American Eagle coasters backwards during 2013

Viper Backwards

Six Flags Great America has confirmed that two more of its roller coasters will be switched to run backwards during 2013, with Batman: The Ride set to return to its original forwards configuration.

The park has been running Batman: The Ride backwards since the start of the season, but the limited-time experience will end on July 7. The very next day, wooden coaster Viper will be switched to run backwards, with American Eagle set to follow suit "this fall".

The park has released a point-of-view video of Viper running backwards, which is embedded below:

Designed to be a mirror image of the world-famous Coney Island Cyclone, Viper was opened some 68 years after the original. It was the first ever coaster to be designed directly by Six Flags, and has a similar reputation for offering a rough ride to its New York inspiration.

American Eagle, meanwhile, features near-identical twin wooden coaster circuits, with the Red and Blue trains "racing" each other back to the station. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world, and the first to be manufactured by Intamin. While this record has since been surpassed, it remains a popular attraction at Six Flags Great America.

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