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In this week's poll, we ask whether you are a fan of Disney-style parades at theme parks.

Some theme parks are all about the rides. At Disney theme parks in particular, though, characters also play a leading role. As well as individual meet-and-greet experiences, Mickey, Donald and friends have found their way into a huge variety of expensively put-together parades over the years. But do these spectacular trains of floats appeal to you, or are they more hassle than they are worth?

At Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris or almost any of Disney's other parks, you'll frequently find guests sitting on the sidewalk for hours in advance of a major parade, in order to secure a good spot. Moving around the parks becomes difficult or impossible once the parade actually kicks off, but on the plus-side queues for attractions are often drastically shorter.

While Disney is the undisputed king of the parade world, rivals such as Universal have also got into the fray with offerings such as the Universal Superstar Parade at Universal Studios Florida. Clearly, parades are viewed a valid way of expanding a park's enterainment offerings.

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Are you one of those theme park fans who's prepared to fight for a great viewing spot for a parade? Is the frustration of craning your neck to see past the small child on the shoulders of his or her parent in front of you too much? Or do you prefer to take advantage of the shorter queues during the parades? Let us know by voting below!

Are you a fan of theme park parades?

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I remember only 10 years ago when the parade was at Alton Towers - sorta Disney style but a bit cheaper of course. Biggest mistake ever was when the park got sold on and merlin stopped them - So if anyone from merlin reads this bring them back as we all love it :)

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