X:\No Way Out

Thorpe Park has reopened the newly-renamed X roller coaster, which now boasts new light and sound effects for the 2013 season.

The indoor coaster was formerly known as X:\No Way Out, and has been updated to tie-in with the Ministry of Sound club nights that Thorpe Park will host throughout the season. The direction of the ride's trains has also been reversed, so that they now face forwards rather than backwards.

Guests queuing for X are now bombarbed with loud dance music, with a similar soundtrack accompanying the ride itself. The interior of the pyramid that hosts the coaster has also been overhauled, with new lighting effects designed to add to the atmosphere.

The updates to the much-maligned coaster come as no surprise, as X:\No Way Out has come in for fierce criticism in recent years due to many of its special effects being out of action and its safety lights often being switched on.

X:\No Way Out was updated in 2006 with new video and sound effects. However, the video screens were frequently turned off, and the presence of the safety lights removed one of its claims to fame. Its theme, based around being "trapped in a computer virus", also began to show its age.

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Wrong! I thought it really was good! The lighting was very good and the music was brilliant! Yes maybe this is because I am a Trance/dance lover that it makes my decision easier, but it was still brilliant enough to stay in my mind, I am currently listening to the song on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFUnzAHdNco
and it's making me smile as it did when I sat down on it yesterday :D Well done to Thorpe park for this idea because IT WORKED!

And after queuing for over an hour to see what it was yesterday, I can confirm it is pretty much awful. You can see ALL the track as you go round and its not particular thrilling just two columns of Disco/Club lights in the center of the two spirals with some generic club music playing. Would have been better if less lighting was used and proper Ministry of Sound music or something as it is its a kids coaster indoors with a few lights!

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