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Park of the Month, July 2013: Disney's Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom castle

This month, we'll be focusing on the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, with a number of in-depth features, top 5 lists and forum discussions.

It may be an oversized clone of the original Disneyland, but the Magic Kingdom is firmly established as the world's most popular theme park. Boasting an impressive attraction line-up and dozens of dining outlets, it pulls in staggering numbers of visitors every year. The image of the iconic Cinderella Castle is burned into the memories of millions of theme park fans worldwide.

We're excited to hear your views on the park, and all of our coverage will be designed to trigger debate about its past, present and future. That starts with today's look at the top 5 rides and attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom. We'd also love to hear your views on how you'd change and improve the park in our forum discussion.

Don't forget, you can find full details of all of the rides and restaurants at the park, along with reader ratings and reviews, in our extensive Disney's Magic Kingdom guide.

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