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No sign of Captain Jack Sparrow as Pirates of the Caribbean returns to action at Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland Paris' Pirates of the Caribbean has returned to action following a lengthy closure, with no sign of the updates made to other versions of the popular attraction.

DLRPToday reports that the French version of Pirates of the Caribbean remains the only one not to have been updated with characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which were themselves inspired by the ride. Instead, it has received a range of minor technical updates such as improved lighting, few of which affect the ride experience.

Located right at the back of Adventureland, Pirates of the Caribbean is closely based on the original dark ride of the same name at California’s Disneyland. After a long, winding queue through the dungeons of a “fortress”, riders board boats and head off on a lengthy 15-minute adventure.

The bulk of the ride sees the boats floating past various scenes of carnage in which audio-animatronic pirates fight the forces housed in the fortress and pillage the attached town. In other versions of the ride at Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie have been added into these scenes in recent years.

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