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Video: SeaWorld Orlando explains ice creation process for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin concept art

SeaWorld Orlando has released its latest preview video for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, which covers the ice-creation process for the "world's coldest theme park ride".

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin's plot will revolve around a gentoo penguin, who will lead guests on an adventure through icy waters from a penguin's viewpoint. Guests will be able to select one of several "thrill levels", with the 8-person vehicles behaving appropriately. The ride will employ a "trackless" ride system that will enable it to offer a different experience every time.

The team behind the ride has faced a challenge to create a "frozen" landscape in boiling-hot Orlando. In the video, below, SeaWorld's Creative Director Brian Morrow explains how they have accomplished this:

At the end of the ride, guests will disembark their vehicles for a closer look at the penguins, in a similar experience to the existing Wild Arctic simulator attraction. The new exhibit will house gentoo, rockhopper, adelie and king penguins.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is due to open on May 24. We recently listed SeaWorld Orlando's new ride as the most exciting new theme park attraction due to open in 2013.

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