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Flamingo Land confirms names of new rides for 2013 season

Zamperla Volare

Flamingo Land has confirmed the names of the new dinosaur-themed attractions that will open at the park in 2013.

Dubbed Cyclosaurus, Twistosaurus and Hero, all three rides will be manufactured by Italian firm Zamperla. The first two rides will be will be located in a new land, Dino-Stone, which will also incorporate the Pterodactyl spinning tower ride that opened last year. Flamingo Land has already removed the former Wild Mouse roller coaster to make room for Hero in the Metropolis area of the park.

The three new rides are:

  • Cyclosaurus - a Magic Bikes flat ride, which will see riders board one of six vehicles that are equipped with bicycle pedals. Riders will be able to control the height of their individual vehicle as it rotates around a central column.
  • Twistosaurus - a Junior Twister Coaster, which will hit a top speed of 17 miles per hour and a maximum height of 8 metres. Aimed at younger guests, the ride's train will feature four cars that spin independently as they traverse its 175-metre steel track.
  • Hero - a Zamperla Volare flying coaster, featuring two heartline inversions. Rider will board hang-glider style vehicles that swoop around an undulating circuit.

Opening dates for Flamingo Land's new additions are yet to be confirmed.

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