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Image: Cedar Point completes construction of GateKeeper roller coaster's circuit

GateKeeper circuit

Cedar Point has completed the circuit for its new GateKeeper roller coaster, with testing likely to begin soon ahead of its scheduled opening date on May 11, 2013.

The park posted the image below to its official Facebook page, showing the final track piece being lowered into place. In its post, it said: "At 2 p.m. today, GateKeeper officially became a full-circuit roller coaster! Talk about a great way to celebrate T-72 days until Opening Day."

GateKeeper circuit

Image © Cedar Point

The opening section of the ride will see riders plunged straight into a half-loop, which Cedar Point claims will be the the world's tallest coaster inversion. The height of GateKeeper's first inversion will top that of the existing "tallest inversion" record holder, Volcano: The Blast at sister park Kings Dominion. This features a sidewinder inversion that stands at 155 feet tall, and has held the record since August 1998.

GateKeeper's circuit will feature a total of 6 inversions, including the dive loop, an Immelmann loop, a giant corksrew, two zero-g rolls and an inclined dive loop. The ride's track will be teal-colored, with white supports, and will come into close contact with buildings and portals in the park's entrance gates to provide a "near-miss" sensation.

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