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Theme park news round-up - February 26, 2013

Ratatouille concept art

Pop fans will flock to Alton Towers on July 6, when the park will host a concert featuring Olly Murs, Little Mix and James Arthur, among others. Over in Paris, the new Ratatouille dark ride at Walt Disney Studios is starting to take shape, with the attraction building's facade currently under construction. LEGOLAND Florida's denials that it is installing a pirates-themed land for 2013, meanwhile, are looking a little shaky.

Alton Towers

X Factor stars Olly Murs and Little Mix will be among the acts performing at Alton Towers Live, which will be hosted at Britain's most popular theme park on July 6, 2013.

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Orlando Parks News stops in at LEGOLAND Florida and captures some images of construction work on the park's new land for 2013. While the park has denied reports that it is installing a pirates-themed area, the pictures appear to suggest otherwise.

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Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America, the amusement park on Orlando's International Drive, is currently adding 250-foot-tall SkyCoaster attraction to its line-up.

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Walt Disney Studios, Paris offers up a great picture of the current state of the Ratatouille dark ride that is currently under construction at Walt Disney Studios, Paris. While there's plenty of work to do ahead of the attraction's 2014 opening date, the style of the Paris-themed area that will host it is starting to become clear.

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Weird that Legoland would deny building a pirate-themed addition when the evidence seems to run to the contrary. What's the point in the secrecy?

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