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Video: Disney offers first look at interactive queue for Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Walt Disney World has released a new video that offers a first look at the updated interactive queue that is currently being installed alongside the Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The video features Project Manager Wyatt Winter and Creative Designer Pete Carsillo, who take viewers on a tour of the queue area. The new additions will tie-in with the backstory of the ride, which is based around Barnabas T. Bullion, the founder of the Big Thunder Mining Company. It will take guests through a mock mining office and explosives store, and invite them to take part in some hands-on "mining activities".

The new queue will feature a nod to the Western River Expedition ride, which was planned by Disney's Imagineers but never built. Crates of explosives lining the queue will feature the label "Western River Explosives".

Among the set pieces in the queue will be plungers in the Explosives Magazine Room that enable guests to set off charges around the roller coaster's circuit, a viewing area that looks down into the "mine" itself and a Ventilation Room where tests are conducted for toxic gases.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closed for a lengthy refurbishment earlier this year, reopening in May. Large sections of the roller coaster's track were replaced, and several scenes surrounding it were upgraded. However, no opening date has been given as yet for the revamped queue.

In recent years, Walt Disney World has added interactive queues to a number of its most popular attractions in order to ease the boredom of waiting. This has included the installation of games in the Space Mountain queue, spooky updates to the Haunted Mansion's graveyard and a new "virtual queue" for Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

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