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Images: Moon Voyager rooms now available to book at Alton Towers Hotel

Moon Voyager room concept art

New concept artwork has been released of the new Moon Voyager rooms at the Alton Towers Hotel, which are now available to book via the park's official website.

As can be seen in the images below, the rooms feature Jules Verne-style theming, similar to that seen in the retro-futuristic Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris. A total of 14 of the new-style rooms are available to book, replacing former Explorer Rooms and forming part of a major overhaul of the Alton Towers Resort's first on-site hotel.

The rooms will be subdivided by a new wall, which creates an entertainment area aimed at kids boasting a TV set and a single bed:

Moon Voyager rooms plan
Image © Alton Towers

The new theming can be seen in the artwork below, and is present throughout both the bedroom and bathroom areas:

Moon Voyager rooms concept art (1)

Image © Alton Towers

Moon Voyager rooms concept art (2)

Image © Alton Towers

Moon Voyager rooms concept art (3)

Image © Alton Towers

The resort hopes to implement an already-approved extension of the Alton Towers Hotel as part of its long-term development plan, adding either 36 suites plus two bedrooms or simply 74 bedrooms. If demand proves strong enough, it will also press ahead with a proposal to build an additional 150-bedroom hotel to the east of the Alton Towers Hotel - though this seems unlikely to occur before the second phase of the plan, which will run from 2015-2019.

The Alton Towers Resort’s first hotel opened in 1996 and features a total of 183 rooms. The overall theme of the hotel is based around the travels of inventor Sir Algenon Alton, while 8 of the rooms are themed specifically around attractions at the theme park.

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