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WindSeeker remains closed indefinitely at Knott's Berry Farm


The WindSeeker spinning tower ride at Knott's Berry Farm remains out of action, following two separate incidents that forced its closure last year.

Cedar Fair closed the identical WindSeeker attractions at Kings Island, Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds and Kings Dominion in addition to the Knott's Berry Farm version. No reopening date has been given for the Knott's WindSeeker, while the others would not reopen until the start of their host parks' respective seasons in any case.

Several incidents during 2012 saw riders become stranded at the top of the WindSeeker towers, including one at Knott's Berry Farm on September 19 which left 20 riders stuck in mid-air. Cedar Fair subsequently announced an internal review into the causes of the breakdown, with the firm stating that none of the rides will reopen until this has been completed.

WindSeekers see guests swinging in circles around a central tower in a vertigo-inducing variation on the classic "Chair-O-Plane" attraction. Riders reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour but still have time to take in panoramic views, with most of the rides standing at 300-plus feet tall.

The WindSeeker attractions were the first swinging tower rides built by Dutch firm Mondial, although rival firm Funtime has installed similar rides under the SkyScreamer name at rival Six Flags parks across the US. The attractions have been plagued by technical problems since they first debuted, with Knott's Berry Farm's eventually opening several months late in August 2011.

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