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"Mickey and the Magical Map" show to debut at Disneyland in Summer 2013

Mickey and the Magical Map concept art

Disneyland has confirmed that a new musical show, dubbed Mickey and the Magical Map, will debut in the Fantasyland Theater in summer 2013.

The show will star Mickey Mouse in his Sorcerer's Apprentice persona, and will feature a range of musical numbers. The plot will revolve around "wise sorcerer" Yen Sid, who tells Mickey of a mysterious map that has the power to transport dreamers to any place they can imagine. Mickey attempts to paint an unfinished spot on the map, triggering a dramatic adventure through a range of exotic, imaginary worlds.

Mickey and the Magical Map concept art(2)

Image © Disney

Mickey and the Magical Map concept art(3)

Image © Disney

The Fantasyland Theater currently hosts meet-and-greets with Disney Princesses, but will be vacated when they move to a new home in the under-construction Fantasy Faire area. The theater has not hosted a Broadway-style musical since 2006, when the Princess Fantasy Faire moved into the location.

Fantasy Faire will be themed around a village square, and will host meet-and-greets with famous princesses from Disney movies. This will include Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Mulan, Belle, Pocohontas, Jasmine, Tiana and Ariel. Three of the princesses will be present in the area at any given time.

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