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Video: Mermaids join Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom has been updated once again, with mermaids having been added at the start of the ride.

Disney had promised another change to the classic dark ride back in September. At the time, it promised that a mystery character or item from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the latest film in the franchise based on the attraction, would soon be on show.

Now, Orlando Attractions Magazine has spied the mermaids, which are significantly more malevolent than those typically featured in Disney movies. As can be seen in the magazine's video below, the half-women, half-fish characters appear just after guests pass a fog screen early on the Pirates of the Caribbean experience.

Walt Disney World is currently installing a second Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Dubbed The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, it will will be a walkthrough experience based on the movies, rather than the original theme park ride. It is expected to offer guests a view of key moments in the films from the perspective of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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There are 2 comments.

mermaids, way to subtle, you even had to put it in slow motion to see it. not worth the mention

Really, I think it is neat underwater, and they dont have to add like pretty mermaids on land like brushing their hair, that is what the little mermaid attraction is for..But the fact in the movie they are underwater and they have that effect of underwater... YAY.. Pay attention to every detail of a ride when you are there. k thx

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