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Silver Dollar City completes track for unique Outlaw Run roller coaster

Outlaw Run track

Silver Dollar City has revealed that construction work on the track for the park's new Outlaw Run roller coaster is now complete.

The hybrid wood-steel coaster's circuit features three inversions, as well as the steepest drop of any coaster of its type in the world. It stands at some 162 feet tall, with the near-vertical first drop plummeting towards the ground below at an 81-degree angle. The new addition has been manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction.

While the final piece of Outlaw Run's track is now in place, significant work remains to be completed before the coaster can open in spring 2013. The ride's stagecoach-themed trains will need to be installed and tested, and theming will be added around the ride's circuit.

A number of images of the completed Outlaw Run track can be seen over at the official Silver Dollar City website, while an official computer-genered view of the coaster is embedded below:

Outlaw Run will also feature a unique 720-degree double barrel roll element, will hit a top speed of 68 miles per hour, and will boast 9 "airtime" hills. It will be themed to fit in with the overall 1880s-era stylings of Silver Dollar City.

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