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In this week's poll, we ask whether you would be willing to shell out to stay in a themed "Scare Room" during a theme park's Halloween celebrations.

Even just the words "Scare Room" send shivers down my spine so this week I am intrigued to find out what would make someone want to stay in one, especially over Halloween! With the news that Alton Towers is to offer guests the opportunity to stay in "Altonville Motel" Scare Rooms during Scarefest 2012 I thought now would be the perfect time to ask for your views on these interactive hotel experiences.

I admit, the thrill of being scared in a walkthrough horror maze can give you a real buzz of excitement, and a shot of adrenaline when you burst free at the end. But, personally speaking, I like to feel safe and secure in my hotel room and to be able to relax. The fear of crazy zombies or ghosts bursting in and weird noises keeping me awake just seems a step too far - but as you have probably already guessed I am something of a scaredy cat (that's why Nick writes out Halloween event reviews!).

For others, it may be the perfect experience - all those horror junkies and lovers of all things scary can probably imagine nothing better than being placed right into the heart of a spooky hotel. Maybe you're one of them?

As you would expect this experience is likely to come at a hefty price. At Alton Towers, for 2 people sharing there is a supplement per room of £185 ranging up to £260 for 5 people sharing - on top of the already hefty standard Alton Towers Hotel room rates. Is it worth paying the extra to be scared out of your wits?

Performers at the "Altonville Motel" will have access to guests' rooms and limited personal data (presumably, so they can call guests by their names, for that added scare factor). Some of the action will take place outside of the hotel, in a throwback to the former Field of Screams Scarefest maze that was once located nearby.

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Let us know whether you can't wait to reach for the phone and book your stay at the "Altonville Motel" or a similar Scare Room experience this Halloween by voting in our poll below.

Would you stay in a Halloween Scare Room?

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I stayed in one of the scare rooms on Halloween night 2012! I had booked it for myself and my friend as it was her birthday and we truly had a terrifying night! our package started with a spooky check in at the motel reception where u got to meet 3 of the actors then we had to be at the secret garden restaurant for our complimentary 3 course meal then we had a muddy walk in the rain to a secluded area round a camp fire for ghost stories. then we were asked to go back to our rooms for about 11pm. within 15mins of being back at the room our hotel phone rang it was the sheriff warning us to stay in our rooms as there was reports of coyotes in the hallways. we had around 11 visits from 11pm-2am and 3phone calls. i wont give away the story to much but it was truly amazing and petrifying at the same time,the actors were brilliant and was worth every penny. If you can cope with people hiding in your bathroom,lights being turned off as mad scarecrow pumpkin heads run into your room and jump onto the bed whilst your in bed and make the most horrendous noises in you face this is the thing for you! the actors wont touch you but deffo get close enough to scare you,they took pillows off us wot we were hiding behind and pulled duvets of us and were close enough to feel them breathe on you!

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