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The Alton Towers Hotel will host a special "Scare Room" experience during the Scarefest 2012 Halloween events, with guests being invited to stay in the "Altonville Motel".

The Scare Rooms will only be available during the later part of the Scarefest events, from October 26-31. The themed suites will be based on a shuttered motel, which ceased operations following an incident at the nearby "Mclynn Farm" in 2006. The motel is said to have reopened under new management, who promise that the spooky stories relating to it are just "local folklore".

The new Scare Rooms appear to be a more in-depth experience than in previous years, with Alton Towers promising that they will offer an "extreme theatrical experience" until 2am. Performers will have access to guests' rooms, as well as a limited amount of personal data - presumably, so that they can refer to guests by name.

Some of the Altonville Motel experience will take place outdoors, in a throwback to previous Scarefest events when the park hosted the Field of Screams horror maze just outside the Alton Towers Hotel. This saw hordes of zombies terrorising guests as they made their way through a cornfield.

The Scare Room package includes an overnight stay in the Alton Towers Hotel, a 3-course evening meal, breakfast, free parking and the theatrical experience. It can be booked now by calling 08712221100, with further details available on the Alton Towers website.

Scarefest 2012 will run from October 13-31, excluding October 15-18. As in previous years, it will see Alton Towers stay open until 9pm every evening, giving guests a rare chance to experience the park's rides in near-darkness. A range of free Halloween-themed attractions will be on offer alongside the usual array of rides and shows, along with two upcharge horror mazes.



Check out the You Tube videos of it! Looks awesome!

to whoever put 1st comment they dont touch anything of yours they dont even touch you ok

I think you need to slightly cool down a bit...

I really think the LIMITED personal data will be you tell them your name, and that's it.

You have to remember, Alton Towers is a reputable company and the fact they're letting one know all these details beforehand is acceptable. You sign up for this experience knowing what will happen. The show is highly scrutinised by a risk assessment and the actors are trained... it's not like they come in and improvise a story. If they touch you or any of your physical items, they will be fired.

In reply to by Nick H (not verified)

Ummm, to the person who believes his entire identity is going to be stolen By Alton Towers, I don't think YOU have thought this through!!! Is anyone forcing you to go?
I would blooming LOVE this! it sounds awesome, but if you're worreid, then try Peppa Pig Land! They are a lot more gentle for folk with a nervous disposition like yourself! ;-)

I got a feeling this is just another money making scheme for Alton Towers, I don't really think they have thought this one through properly, why?
Its stated that 'Performers will have access to guests' rooms, as well as a limited amount of personal data - presumably, so that they can refer to guests by name".
Well I sure as hell don't want my personal details being used willy nilly, it is bad enough we have to give so much data to companies that seem to use it for all manner of things.
My biggest concern is not my details, but the invasion of privacy, a themed hotel? Great idea, but to have access into my hotel room is a big security problem, what says that your personal items are safe? Is Alton towers gonna make us aware yet again they are not responsible for out belongings.
But what if this happens to you, what leg do we have to stand on over personal items or for that matter what is stopping bogus claims against Alton Towers for so called lost items?
Good idea but yet again not really thought out, typical money making scheme.

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