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The Big Debate: Disney's "Glow with the Show" ears - exciting innovation or cynical cash-in?

Glow with the Show ears

In this week's poll, we ask you to weigh up the pros and cons of Disney's new "Glow with the Show" ears.

For those theme park fans who haven't yet come across the "Glow with the Show" concept, here's a quick summary. The Disneyland Resort is now enabling guests to purchase and wear special "Glow with the Show" ears, which light up in time with key moments during performances of the popular nightly World of Color and Fantasmic! shows. The ears cost $25 per pair and are available from retail outlets across Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

The ingenious ears make use of a slightly retro technology to create a futuristic effect. Infrared commands are sent to them, causing them to light up during key moments of the shows and enabling guests to "participate" in the performance.

For some Disney fans, this will be too tempting to resist. Little (and grown-up) princesses surely won't be able to manage without having their own pair. You can hear the sweet voices now resonating around the park: "Daddy, can I have a pair of 'Glow with the Show' ears? Please daddy purleeeeease". Even for adults, the ears will be reusable and will add an extra touch of magic when watching the show.

On the other hand, is this just another cynical way for Disney to entice guests into spending more of their hard-earned cash? A family of 4 will be looking at splurging an extra $100 in order for everyone to "Glow with the Show" - a fairly hefty expense on top of the price of admission.

And do the ears add to, or detract from, the shows themselves? Is the constant glowing off-putting for those who haven't purchased them, or a striking visual spectacle?

One final thought: how long before someone buys a cheap infrared transmitter, figures out the command codes and begins self-conducting their own impromptu "Glow with the Show" performances at Disney parks? I'm sure the hackers out there are already considering it...

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I suspect there will be a clear divide on this one - those who will love the idea and those who will hate it. Which camp are you in (I'm still a little princess at heart, so you can guess my views)? Let us know by voting in our poll below.

What do you think of Disney's "Glow with the Show" ears?

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I think the real issue will be once visitors grow wise to the idea that buying a pair of the new ears only benefits those around them; you can't see what's on your own head!

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