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BioHazard (Resident Evil) mazes to feature at Universal Studios Japan's Halloween Horror Nights 2012

BioHazard maze artwork

Universal Studios Japan has announced that horror mazes based on the popular BioHazard video game franchise will feature at its Halloween Horror Nights 2012 events.

The park has teamed up with CAPCOM, the creator of BioHazard (which is known as Resident Evil in Western countries), to create the mazes. As in the video games, hordes of undead zombies will terrorize guests, with the mazes set to occupy the Gramercy Park area and the Terminator 2: 3-D building.

Gramercy Park, located in the New York area of Universal Studios Japan, will be transformed into a recreation of Racoon City, the fictional setting for the Resident Evil games. In addition to the zombies, popular human characters including Jill Valentine and Clare Redfield will make appearances in the maze.

The Terminator 2: 3-D building will become Umbrella Corporation: T-Virus Escape, a more intense, indoor experience that will feature the intimidating Tyrant.

To further exploit the tie-up with CAPCOM, Universal Studios Japan will also offer a range of special dining options during the Halloween Horror Nights events. This will include a "T-Virus Brains" pasta, and a mixed herb drink (a reference to the herbs that are used to restore life in the games).

Universal Studios Japan's Halloween Horror Nights will kick off on September 14, and will run on Fridays through Mondays until October 31.

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