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Knott's Berry Farm to close Perilous Plunge on September 3, 2012

Perilous Plunge

Knott's Berry Farm has revealed that it will close its Perilous Plunge water ride on September 3, 2012, sparking rumors that a new attraction will replace it.

The park confirmed the closure date via its official Facebook page, promising that "future plans for the site will be released soon". The nature of Perilous Plunge's replacement is unknown at present, although there have been consistent rumors that an enormous new roller coaster designed by Bolliger & Mabillard will be installed at the park.

Themed around the seaside funfairs of years gone by, Perilous Plunge is a classic "shoot-the-chutes"-style ride. It sees guest being carried in large boats to the top of a 121-foot tower, before plummeting down a 115-foot, 75-degree drop into a splash zone below. Its height made it the tallest water ride in the world when it debuted in September 2000.

Perilous Plunge underwent significant changes after a fatal accident in 2001 which saw a rider killed after falling out of a boat during the descent. This resulted in new, smaller boats being installed, reducing the size of the splash at the bottom, but enabling essential updates to the safety restraint system.

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