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Kings Dominion begins teaser campaign for new ride for 2013

Kings Dominion teaser image

Kings Dominion has begun a teaser campaign for a new attraction for the 2013 season, promising that it will release further details on September 12.

An announcement on the official Kings Dominion website reveals that the park will be "breaking records...again". This, along with the accompanying image of a space rocket, has led to speculation from fans that the new addition will be either a massively-tall drop tower or a record-breaking third launch roller coaster for the park.

As with previous new additions, it is likely that details of Kings Dominion's new ride will be gradually revealed from the September 1 date onwards.

The major new attractions for the 2012 at Kings Dominion were the WindSeeker spinning tower ride, and the walkthrough Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. The park's last new roller coaster was Intimidator 305, which opened in 2010.

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well they already have 3 launch coasters, fof, backlot stunt coaster, and volcano, so a 4th even as a kiddie ride would give them the record again since they took hypersonic out... here is a suggestion, what if they bring disaster transport to KD from CP... that would give KD 2 bobsled coasters which would be a record, add it to the expanded planet snoopy and theme it to space.... just a thought

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