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In this week's poll, we ask whether the success of on-ride photos will ever be duplicated by on-ride videos.

This week has seen the news that Alton Towers is launching an updated online ride photo system, which enables guests to easily download copies of their photos from the park's website. This has been operating at sister park Thorpe Park for some time, and offers visitors a cheaper alternative to buying multiple physical copies of the photo on the day of their visit.

Most theme park fans have bought an on-ride photo at some stage, capturing the excitement of a ride on one of their favourite attractions. Whether you are pulling a silly pose, scared out of your wits or bought it purely to show off that you survived the ride, we have all been there and done it and some of us have literally bought the t-shirt!

Ride photos are quite flexible in that you can usually choose either a traditional photo in a cardboard frame, a magnet, keyring, mug, t-shirt, poster etc. These can be kept as souvenirs or given as presents to friends and family. But what about on-ride videos - do they hold the same appeal?

Over the last few years there have been many stories from theme parks all over the world announcing new, hi-tech on ride video systems, which enable guests to buy DVDs of themselves in action. Alton Towers itself has experimented with three different solutions, most recently offering videos captured on the Air roller coaster for £12 each. However, these have not become as well established as the photo equivalents, which are now deployed on almost every major attraction.

Have you ever bought an on-ride video at a theme park? Would you buy them if they were readily available? Are they too expensive? Are they too limited in what you can do with them?

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For some, on-ride videos may be a must-have. For others, though, they could be an over-priced novelty. Let us know what you think by voting in our poll below.

Do you buy on-ride videos at theme parks?

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I don't buy either the video's or the photo's. They are a complete and utter rip off.

If theme parks sold these for a reasonable or bargain price then I am sure more people would buy them meaning they would make the similar amounts of profit but higher guest satisfaction. The photo's themselves are like a form of advertisement for the parks as people often show them or have them displayed at home for friends to see.

I really don't understand why themeparks want to rip everyone off with everything they sell. I would spend more if things weren't so expensive and I felt I was getting value for money.

The price is steep as with anything at theme parks but because it was of both me and my friend all i did was split the cost and then made an exact copy of the video, cover and case too and then it did not seem so bad....I also uploaded it to YouTube so that all of my other friends could see it and download it if they so wanted to.
But overall £12 was a bit steep, and if I had been on my own I would not have purchased the video.

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