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Six Flags Over Texas confirms removal of Flashback roller coaster

Flashback roller coaster

Six Flags Over Texas has confirmed that its Flashback roller coaster will close on September 3, 2012, as it prepares to install a new ride for 2013.

Flashback is expected to be moved to another park in the Six Flags chain. The Texas Chute Out ride will also operate for the last time on September 3, with a version of the SkyScreamer spinning tower rides that have been added to a number of parks in the chain expected to join Six Flags Over Texas' line-up next year.

Identical to many other installations of the Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster model at other parks across the globe, Flashback features a single train which is pulled backwards up a large slope. It then plummets through a number of twists, turns and inversions, before racing back around the circuit in reverse.

Texas Chute Out, meanwhile, is a classic "parachute drop" attraction, which sees riders carried to the top of a tower before being "parachuted" back down to the ground below. Both rides are located in the Goodtimes Square area of Six Flags Over Texas.

Rumors have been circulating for a number of months that the park will install a version of SkyScreamer, which offers a vertigo-inducing variation on classic "Chair-O-Plane" attractions. Six Flags New England is planning to install a record-breaking 385-foot version of the ride in 2013.

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