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Six Flags New England gains approval for enormous SkyScreamer attraction


Six Flags New England's plans to install the world's tallest spinning tower ride in 2013 have gained approval from local authorities. reports that the Agawam Zoning Board of Appeals has granted the park a permit to construct the 385-feet-tall ride, with an option to extend the height to 410 feet if required. Manufactured by Australian firm Funtime, the ride will be similar to the SkyScreamer attractions that are already in place at several other Six Flags theme parks.

The latest SkyScreamer ride will stand just two feet taller than the Funtime Star Flyer ride at Austria's Prater Park. This places it well above the 200-foot height limit that is normally enforced in the Agawam area, resulting in the park's applicaiton for a permit.

Like other versions of the ride, Six Flags New England's SkyScreamer will offer a vertigo-inducing variation on the traditional "Chair-O-Plane" ride experience. Guests will be seated in chairs that dangle from a circular gondola, which will spin as it rises to the top of the tower, offering views across the park and beyond.

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