Alton Towers in the rain

In this week's poll, we ask whether you open the curtains on a rainy day and still plan to head to a theme park.

This week in the UK has seen perfect conditions for theme park fans - the start of the school holidays combined with blisteringly hot weather conditions. After the lack of the summer weather we have had so far, it seems everyone is now flocking to theme parks, with traffic to Theme Park Tourist going through the roof in the past few days.

But is this actually the case? Do you only visit theme parks when it's sunny, or are you happy to explore them in the rain? Well, if your answer is "yes", you must have been having a thrilling time so far during the UK's monsoon-like summer.

Visiting theme parks in the sun makes for a lovely day out walking around in shorts and T-shirts, topping up the tan and soaking up the happy, smiley atmosphere. However, the hot weather pulls in the crowds, and queues for many rides will be lengthy, and often uncovered. It's easy to get hot and bothered when walking around large parks, especially when visiting with children.

On the other hand, if visiting on a duller day when it is raining queues are likely to be much shorter for major attractions. A drawback is that some rides may not be running (and water rides may not be your top priority), but if you have an umbrella you can probably keep quite comfortable whilst enjoying all the theme park has to offer. Indoor attractions are an added bonus and provide some relief from the rain - we still can't understand why UK theme parks haven't built more of them.

It's not just the UK that is afflicted by frequent downpours. I can distinctly remember one occasion during our honeymoon in Orlando, when a huge thunderstorm raged over Universal Studios Florida. Most guests left the park, but we stuck it out and within an hour were walking around an empty (and now dry) park, riding all of our favourite attractions without any queues at all.

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Rain is good for some and a no-no for others when it comes to theme parks. Let us know if you visit theme parks in the rain by voting in our poll below.

Do you visit theme parks in the rain?

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Yes no problem wiv th@, its ok 2 go wen its raining. @ least it dnt matter wen u sample the water rides cause ur wet anyway. . .

In the Uk we should be used to the typical temperamental weather.
Just because its raining does not mean that theme park operators close rides, if anything water rides or wet elements in rides are all the rage at the moment and we seem to revel in the fact that we love to watch our friends get wet.
For me personally, I visit on average 2 theme parks a year, one at the opening season and the other just a few days after the kids go back to school in September. Both times of the year are some what unpredictable in the weather, either April showers or soggy September. For me Its a case of a rain mack in the back pack and then two visit's to parks that are quite empty and a case of I really getting my monies worth, no waiting times and lots of repeat goes on rides without having to get back in line for, that I would otherwise be sweating in line for.
I'm all for rides int he rain.

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