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Zombies to invade Six Flags Great Adventure on August 4, 2012

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Hordes of the undead are set to invade Six Flags Great Adventure on August 4, 2012, in the first ever "Zombie Takeover" event to be held at the park.

Guests will be invited to attend the park in zombie costumes, with a number of special shows and competitions being held thoughout the evening. The event is being organised by the team behind the New Jersey Zombie Walk, an annual gathering that current holds the world record for the largest number of "zombies" in one place (4,093, recorded at the 2010 gathering).

Attendees at the event will be able to take part in "Z Factor" talent show at 4pm, which will seek to find the most convincing zombie. This will be followed by a special an-you-can eat "Pre Apocalypse Meal" from 5-7pm. Zombie costumes, though, will be banned from the park until 6pm in order to avoid scaring other guests.

The highlight of the Zombie Takeover will be a parade at 8pm, which is likely to result in some impressive video footage of zombies marching through Six Flags Great Adventure. This will be followed by "Exclusive Ride Time" from approximately 10.15pm through to midnight.

Zombie walks have become increasingly popular in recent years as movies about the undead have surged in popularity. Events are held annually in major cities all over the world, and it is possible that the Six Flags Great Adventure event will trigger a new craze for zombie invasions of theme parks.

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