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In this week's poll, we ask whether you think smartphone apps should replace traditional paper maps at theme parks.

These days, you're unlikely to venture far without seeing someone either talking into or interacting with a smartphone. We as a population have become totally reliant on them. As time goes on and technology develops further our use of these powerful portable devices is likely to continue to expand.

It is hardly a surprise, therefore, that yet another theme park launched an official iPhone and Android application last week. Kings Dominion's official app, like most others, features a GPS-enabled map that allows guests to navigate their way to rides, restaurants and amenities all at a touch of a button. It is also possible to purchase tickets and view up-to-date information on all the rides and attractions the theme park has to offer.

So, is this going to mean the end of paper maps, which have been a key part of the theme park experience for decades? There is a certain thrill in being handed a map alongside your entrance ticket as you enter a park, feeling the excitement of opening it up and seeing an array of colourful rides and attractions and then quickly plotting the best route to your first chosen ride (whilst breaking out into a run). No time can be wasted, seconds and minutes mean longer lines and nobody wants to stand in a line, certainly not for your first ride of the day!

Will older generations of theme park-goers prefer the traditional paper map? Will younger generations expect or want to use apps instead? Is the tradition of collecting theme park maps coming to an end, or will apps just be an additional method to navigate a park?

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So - do you think smartphone apps should replace paper maps at theme parks? Let us know what you think by voting in our poll below.

Should smartphone apps replace paper maps at theme parks?

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