Nemesis Sub-Terra entrance

Alton Towers decision to make major updates to its new Nemesis Sub-Terra ride appear to have paid off, with positive early reviews from guests.

The park's new attraction for the 2012 season had come in for heavy criticism following its debut in March, resulting in dozens of negative comments being posted alongside Theme Park Tourist's Nemesis Sub-Terra review. Alton Towers subsequently opted to close the ride from May 21-15, in order to make improvements to the experience.

Nemesis Sub-Terra originally opened with a number of its special effects not in fully-working order, and the park has now brought these online. In addition, it has added to the ride's pre-show and post-show elements, including the addition of a "horror maze"-style ending.

The changes have resulted in an immediate upturn in the opinions expressed by fans, with commenter Loren stating: "I went on this ride on the 1st June, and I can assure it has improved greatly...this ride was extremely scary and in my eyes well worth the hour wait!"

Another Alton Towers fan posted: "I did not go on the ride before the changes was made, however went there today and queued for 45 minutes (a lot of that due to technical difficulties). However, once out of Sub-Terra, I was glad I waited and didn't decide to just leave it as both myself and a friend thought it was certainly worth the wait. The acting of the inside workers both before the observation area and afterwards...was brilliant."

Reports from Alton Towers also suggest that it has reversed its decision to reduce the operating hours of the Skyride, with the attraction having been up-and-running as normal in recent weeks. Fans reacted angrily to the plan, which would have seen the ride closed on all but the busiest days.

Have you experienced the updated Nemesis Sub-Terra at Alton Towers? What did you think of it? Let us know by adding your own review of the ride.



Visited yesterday and I have to express to being disappointed. During a fairly quiet day on all other rides, we waited for about 40 minutes for Sub Terra and it was not worth it. While I would commend elements of the 'ride', it just feels a bit half baked.

The elevator drop is not far enough, so instead of a Tower of Terror style attraction (I appreciate that was probably never going to be an option due to space) it doesn't offer the thrills of the other excellent rides in the park for hardcore thrill-seekers.

What I would say however as a word of caution to parents is that the final part of the attraction (during the 'escape') is too intense for young children. There were two terrified kids in the performance we went to, who ended up having to be escorted out.

If there's no queue, it's worth experiencing as some elements are quite immersing, but if the wait is longer than about five minutes, don't bother.

Somehow I see this attraction going the same way as the Thunder Looper...doomed.

I agree with not letting younger children on, we went last saturday and after being on the ride back in April and unaware of the improvements I took my 10 year old cousin on the ride, the end bit absolutely terrified her. It was only later we found out they had made it scarier. Adults yes, don't queue more than half an hour though 12 and under I wouldn't advise.

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