Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers

In this week's poll, we ask if you love riding all the water rides a park has to offer, or if you prefer to stay dry.

This week has seen the opening of Pirate Reef at LEGOLAND California. It cleverly combines a traditional "shoot-the-chutes" flume ride with the "splash battle" concept that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment to open these water-fight-style attractions, arming guests with cannons so that they can drench each other. I suppose this innate love of water fights is naturally woven into us all, and can only really be fully embraced in our younger years. I mean, any respectable adult would never be seen winding water cannons with all their might, grinning from ear-to-ear. Or would they?

There are water rides, and there are water rides. Some of the more traditional log flume-style attractions or rapids rides can leave you with the exciting anticipation of "will I or won't I get a soaking?". It often makes a difference where you sit in the raft or boat, leading to some heated pre-ride debates. Ripsaw and The Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers are typical of this design.

But the experience can sometimes be quite different. Take Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood or Pluto's Bilge Rat Barges at Islands of Adventure. I can safely say that you stand absolutely no chance of getting off either of these rides without being soaked to the bone. Be prepared to wring out your underwear.

Is it a hot weather thing? Or are you happy to be drenched at any point whether it is scorching or freezing outside? Does it depend who you are with? Friends, yes? Family, including grandma, no?

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So, do you love getting thoroughly soaked on water rides? Or perhaps you think aquatic attractions should be left to dedicated water parks? Let us know by voting in our poll below.

Do you love getting soaked at theme parks?

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Yes a very good question and I think depending on where you are will very much depend on how it is answered. Obviously the weather plays a major part of this but also social convention. Take Asia and specifically Japan where Disney and Universal have had to tone down their water ride offerings so people DON'T get drenched to the point of looking like drowned rats! Here in the UK very weather dependant, but give us Brits a glimps of the sun and you can gurantee that Rapids, Log Flumes and Splash Battles will be the biggest draw in any given park! In the States im pretty sure that water rides are only there for the sole purpose of cooling off the hot guests!

I think we all love a good water ride and love the threat of the water and how soaked/wet you MIGHT get however I would like to point out two water rides that are just designed to get you soaked and I mean absolutely soaked to the point that you might as well go on in your swimware with a good towel.

Valhalla in Blackpool, made this the last ride of the day and quite rightly, drenched beyond recognition, might as well have had a bucket of water just thrown at me, but what a great ride and one of the best!

U-571 Submarine Simulator in Movieland, Italy. Simulator??? Yeah, the water that they pump into this twisting cylinder of chaos is VERY real. This ride scared the life out of my neice and nephew and for good reason. After descending into a mock up sudmarine whilst been attacked by invisable aircraft you are taken on a surposed dive in a submarine, all is well until the thing starts to fill up with water and I'm talking about what must be a firemans hose just turned on the poor unsuspecting people in the metal can, drenched? You bet!

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