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Holiday World owners discuss plans for Bluegrass Boardwalk

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A local news station has posted a new video in which its reporter discusses the Koch Family's plans for Bluegrass Boardwalk during a visit to the shuttered theme park.

The video, posted to the WHAS11 website, is centered around the family, who also run the Holiday World theme park. It includes footage of the former Kentucky Kingdom park, which will be renamed as Bluegrass Boardwalk when it reopens in May 2013.

Work to restore the park's rides will begin during the next few weeks, with a limited number of new attractions expected to be installed alongside these. Financing has already been secured by the family to enable work to commence, along with tax credits from state authorities.

In the video, the group re-affirms its intention to bring some of its innovations from Holiday World to Bluegrass Boardwalk. This includes free soft drinks for all guests, free sunscreen and free use of inner tubes in the park's water park. Anti-social behaviour, such as swearing in line, will be strictly forbidden.

Kentucky Kingdom closed in January 2010, following a failure by former operator Six Flags to agree changes to the park's lease. The Kentucky State Fair Board claimed at the time that the company proposed that it pay no rent for the remaining nine years on the lease - instead offering a cut of any potential future profits.

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