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Nemesis Sub-Terra to close from May 21-25, 2012 at Alton Towers

Nemesis Sub-Terra entrance

Alton Towers will close its newest attraction, Nemesis Sub-Terra, from May 21-25, 2012, to enable the ride experience to be improved.

Nemesis Sub-Terra has suffered heavy criticism from Alton Towers fans since its debut on March 24, including from Theme Park Tourist's readers. The attraction opened with a number of its special effects not in fully working order, and the park has working to bring these online during the past two months.

Fan site Towers Times reports that the five-day closure period will be used to further enhance the Nemesis Sub-Terra experience. However, it will leave Alton Towers without the attraction that it is using as the centrepiece of its marketing for the 2012 season for almost a week.

Billed by the park as "your worst nightmare underground" and named after the legendary Nemesis roller coaster, Alton Towers' new ride for 2012 takes place entirely indoors. The park successfully concealed the full nature of Nemesis Sub-Terra from fans until its opening day.

You can find full details of the new ride at Alton Towers, including plot spoilers, in our Nemesis Sub-Terra review.

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